Turns Table

Part No. Number of turns AL-value (nH/N2)
Temperature range code: N[0 to 70°C]
Inductance code[at DC.8mA]
Temperature range code: W[–40 to +85°C] Inductance code[at DC.8mA]
A:300µH min B:350µH min C:400µH min D:450µH min A:300µH min B:350µH min C:400µH min D:450µH min
DNW45T3.05 x 1.27A-AN 26Ts 930±25%
DNW45T3.05 x 1.27A-BN 30Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 1.27A-AW 30Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-AN 16Ts 1870±25%
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-BN 18Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-DN 20Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-AW 16Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-BW 18Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-CW 20Ts
DNW45T3.05 x 2.54A-DW 22Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-AN 24Ts 870±25%
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-BN 26Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-CN 30Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-DN 32Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-AW 26Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-BW 28Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 1.5B-CW 32Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-AN 18Ts 1460±25%
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-BN 20Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-DN 22Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-AW 18Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-BW 20Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-CW 22Ts
DNW45T3.4 x 2.5B-DW 24Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-AN 24Ts 850±25%
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-BN 26Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-CN 30Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-DN 32Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-AW 24Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-BW 28Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-CW 30Ts
DNW45T3.94 x 1.27C-DW 34Ts

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